The Realisation of a Vision.

In January 2008, Paul G Maloney founded Maltec Performance Engineering and commenced work on a long held vision, to create a compact, high performance V8 motorcycle.

The vision was driven by the determination to construct a purpose-built motorcycle engine, rather than simply use one from another motorcycle manufacturer like so many other ‘specialist’ motorcycle creators. Engineering integrity would not be compromised by accountants and only the best materials and the latest design and manufacturing processes would be considered.

During a chance introduction to Engineer Clayton Stairmand, he discovered a kindred spirit and an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Based on Paul’s sketches, Clayton subsequently produced working CAD models of all the necessary engineering components starting with the engine crankcases and crankshaft. He was also responsible for the design of the casting moulds and tool paths for the final component machining.

Accompanied by little fanfare but much emotion the engine was first started in May 2009.

Next, assisted by long time friend and sidecar fabricator and racer, Neville Hazelman, the engine was tuned and subjected to a rigorous testing programme.

Focus then turned to the chassis and bodywork. The chassis evolved as an aluminium fabricated rear section with a trellis space frame at the front.  Designer Seanr Chhean conceived a design and then concept drawings evolved into fluid and distinctive carbon fibre bodywork.

At each stage, components were assessed and tested for suitability of purpose and their ability to maintain the design integrity and performance of the motorcycle.

2013 saw the PGMV8 ridden for the first time. Just the shortest of distances, from one side of the workshop to the other, but a hugely significant journey nonetheless. The bike was now an integrated whole and ready for road testing.