Engineers, designers, fabricators, riders and racers – have over 130 years of combined experience and passion for motorcycling. They possess unsurpassed levels of expertise and share an ethos of ‘only the best is good enough’.

The Team

 Neville, Clayton, Paul, Seanr.

Paul G Maloney.

A qualified engineer, with more than 20 years working in WSBK, MotoGP and F1. Specialises in engine development, dyno testing and engine management systems.

Clayton Stairmand.

Vastly experienced Engineer with a background in tool-making, CAM manufacturing and CAD design. Over 20 years experience in Computer aided Engineering, tooling design, project management and manufacturing. Passionate about design detail and anything high performance, especially motorcycles.

Neville Hazelman.

Fastidious craftsman renowned for attention to detail. Over 40 years of motorcycle fabrication and racing. Consultant to International OEM motorcycle development projects. Experience in engine preparation for WSBK and ASBK. Quality control, engine assembly and testing and general fabrication.

Seanr Chhean.

Bachelor of Industrial Design. Passionate motorcyclist with a background in tuning and race preparation. Brings a valuable combination of aesthetic design and an innate understanding of motorcycles to the PGMV8 project.

The Unsung Heroes

It has been said “If you want to experience the ultimate emotional rollercoaster, build yourself a motorcycle”.
A special and heartfelt thanks to Ross Maloney and Maree Pollard for their unconditional and endless support.