Sand cast aluminium crankcases are shot-peened and heat treated for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. All machining is done by cnc for accuracy and repeatability.

The flat plane crankshaft is machined from a single piece of En36 steel, heat treated and nitrited before final grinding and balancing.

Bodywork is carbon fibre for rigidity, light weight and durability.

The curved shape of the large capacity radiator ensures the 2.0 litre engine stays cool under all conditions.

The exhaust system is custom-made by Akrapovic, the world leader in exhaust system technology. The use of titanium alloy results in a significant weight saving, better heat dissipation and improved flow characteristics.

In addition to the carbon silencers required for road use, the PGMV8 comes supplied with a handmade MotoGP style system. This free flowing system delivers a howl reminiscent of a 1970’s F1 V8.

Instrumentation incorporates the latest high resolution, full colour, display from Motec. The graphics are specially configured to match the requirements of the PGMV8. The surround is machined from billet aluminium